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St. Mark's Square
View of square from balcony at St. Mark's Basilica
Venice, Italy

Landscape - 5,232 x 2,014 pixels - 10.5 Mpixel equivalent
ID# 1100

St. Mark's Basin
View towards canal from St. Mark's Basilica, with Doge's Palace on left
Venice, Italy

Rectangular - 3,150 x 2,190 pixels - 6.9 Mpixel equivalent
ID# 1101

Canals near St. Mark's Square
View from top of Bell Tower at St. Mark's Square, looking towards San Giorgio Maggiore - Venice, Italy

Landscape - 5,929 x 1,626 pixels - 9.6 Mpixel equivalent
ID# 1102

Canal Grande and Santa Lucia
View of Canal Grande from  bridge, with Santa Lucia railroad station on right
Venice, Italy

Landscape - 4,840 x 2,040 pixels - 9.9 Mpixel equivalent
ID# 1110

Canal Grande
View of Canal Grande from  bridge, looking away from Santa Lucia railroad station -
Venice, Italy

Landscape - 3,580 x 2,176 pixels - 7.8 Mpixel equivalent
ID# 1111

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